essential fatty acid deficiency

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essential fatty acid deficiency

A very rare condition thought to occur only in people fed intravenously for long periods on glucose and amino acids, but without fats. The effect of deficiency is a form of scaly DERMATITIS. See ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS.


1. constituting the necessary or inherent part of a thing; giving a substance its peculiar and necessary qualities.
2. indispensable; required in the diet, as essential fatty acids.
3. idiopathic; self-existing; having no obvious external exciting cause.

essential fatty acids (EFAs)
the unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic and α-linolenic, cannot be synthesized by animals but are essential nutrients that must be supplied in the diet.
essential fatty acid deficiency
in dogs and cats, there is scaling, alopecia and seborrhea. Poor wound healing, immunosuppression and infertility have also been reported.
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It has been shown that essential fatty acid deficiency induces inflammatory processes in rats and humans, which are reversed by the cutaneous application of linoleic acid in various forms (Ziboh, 1996).
n DRY HAIR: It may be linked with inadequate protein intake, essential fatty acid deficiency, thyroid disease and menopause or chemicals used on hair.

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