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essential element


mineral element

an element without which normal growth and reproduction cannot take place. In plants, there are seven major essential elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. There are also TRACE ELEMENTS required in much smaller quantities, for example, manganese, boron, chlorine. Animals also have requirements for elements, the list being quite similar to that for plants.
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'Accused Napoles believes that she is being accused under a void Information because at the time of the filing thereof in 2014, the Supreme Court has not yet imposed, by interpreting Republic Act 7080 the identification of a main plunder as one of the essential elements of the crime of plunder,' her counsel explained.
The third essential element in a culture of ownership is to be fully engaged.
"Police dogs have become an essential element in tracking down evidence and carrying out many other security tasks.
Essential element and heavy metal presence in milk samples may be relevant to the feed, water, and forage (Potorti et al., 2013).
Iron is an essential element for ideal growth under the case of oxidative stress [5].
Zinc is an essential element, and cellular zinc promotes homeostatic control to avoid accumulation of surplus zinc.
Essential Element -- Specificity (But Not Too Much)
Thus, in this study, consensus was reached when each item received a mean score of [greater than or equal to] .01 for a fundamental dimension and a mean score of [greater than or equal to] .50 for an essential element. The researchers considered the views for each item to be stable when the mean difference between the first and second Delphi rounds did not exceed plus or minus .25 (Scheibe, Skutsch & Schofer, 1975).
Mobilization of mental health resources is an essential element of disaster response.
An award-winning photographer, Holmes documented this essential element of urban life on the streets of New York City.
A strong customer advocacy program is an essential element in the acceleration of customer power growth, according to Sage Software, a global supplier of ERP, CRM and HRM solutions to medium and large organizations.
When asked if Ukraine and Poland could still lose the right to stage the tournament if they failed to meet those conditions, Platini said: "Yes, the completion of the Kiev and Warsaw stadiums remains an essential element of the whole project.

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