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A radiographic record of contrast esophagography or barium swallow.
Synonym(s): esophagogram
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barium swallow

A technique in which a radiocontrast “milkshake” of barium sulfate is swallowed to detect benign or malignant lesions of the pharynx, oesophagus, stomach and small intestine and evaluate the integrity of the swallowing mechanism; the progress of the barium is followed radiographically to detect filling defects—e.g., places where a normal outline of barium should be seen but is not.
Detection of foreign bodies, strictures, tumours, Barrett’s oesophagus, fistulas, reflux; definitive diagnosis of lesions requires endoscopic biopsy.
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Barium swallow GI disease A series of x-rays of the esophagus taken after the Pt drinks a barium solution, which coats and outlines the esophagus
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Also in our case, passage symptoms are improved after surgery for EA, but barium esophagram showed that esophageal spasm was diffusely observed in the middle and lower esophagus and the dilation of the upper esophagus still remained.
(1,2) Initial diagnosis is preferentially based on esophagram, although small lesions may be missed.
The esophagram was consistent with eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) and also suggested a Schatzki's ring.
On postoperative day six, an esophagram was performed, revealing no evidence of contrast extravasation or fistula.
Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing was normal, and a barium esophagram showed nonspecific dysmotility.
When clinical suspicion focuses on this possible diagnosis, the best confirmatory test is a barium esophagram.
We would recommend a traditional esophagram study with this population, possibly in conjunction with a video fluoroscopic swallow evaluation to evaluate the entire swallow process, from oral to pharyngeal to esophageal physiology.
Vivian Lim interpreted the results of the esophagram as "normal" and diagnosed "mild to moderate gastroesophageal reflux disease." Because symptoms persisted, Dr.
Some physicians would argue that performing a barium esophagram first would help us decide what to do next.
Results of examinations of the patient's eat, nose, and throat, including a swallow test (i.e., cervical esophagram), and radiographs of neck and soft tissue were normal.
[] Air-contrast barium esophagram. [] Provocative and ambulatory pH testing.