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A radiographic record of contrast esophagography or barium swallow.
Synonym(s): esophagogram
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barium swallow

A technique in which a radiocontrast “milkshake” of barium sulfate is swallowed to detect benign or malignant lesions of the pharynx, oesophagus, stomach and small intestine and evaluate the integrity of the swallowing mechanism; the progress of the barium is followed radiographically to detect filling defects—e.g., places where a normal outline of barium should be seen but is not.
Detection of foreign bodies, strictures, tumours, Barrett’s oesophagus, fistulas, reflux; definitive diagnosis of lesions requires endoscopic biopsy.
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A radiograph of the esophagus.
Synonym(s): oesophagogram.
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A double-contrast esophagogram in PMME usually reveals a smooth-surface tumor that is lobulated, polyploid, protruding, or sectionalized and has a tendency of growing in the radial or horizontal directions.
Contrast esophagograms were performed routinely at postoperative months 1-3, 6-8, and 12 or upon clinical suspicion of stricture, that is, dysphagia, difficulty when swallowing, and/or repeated vomiting.
Caption: Figure 5: Postoperative barium esophagogram posteroanterior view and lateral view depicting complete resolution of the fixed esophageal narrowing (arrows).
To confirm the diagnosis, CT ionic oral contrast esophagogram was done which clearly depicting a large diverticulum in upper prevertebral space through the posterior pharyngooesophageal wall and also the same in barium swallow (Fig.
A barium swallow esophagogram revealed a fistulous tract from the piriform sinus to a right fourth branchial cleft cyst (figure 1, B).
On hospital Day 5, barium esophagogram reveals extrinsic compression of the esophagus.
Cases were evaluated by echocardiography, CT angiography, barium esophagogram and fiberoptic bronchoscopy as appropriate.
The onset of progressive dysphagia in this patient prompted an esophagogram, which revealed a left tracheosophageal fishula that was repaired endoscopically (Figure 5).
An AS with recanalization of the TEF was diagnosed at esophagogram (Figure 1(a)) and confirmed by bronchoscopy with blue methylene test.
While there are diagnostic tests for GERD, including a pH probe of the esophagus, a barium esophagogram, and manometry testing, empiric therapy with a PPI--starting with a trial of at least 2 weeks--often eliminates the troublesome cough.
An esophagogram was performed, revealing a major polypoid lesion in the cervical and thoracic esophagus extending from C7 level to the carina, which was in endoluminal position (Figure 1).
Gastrograffin esophagogram showed patency without leak, five days after the procedure (Figure 1).