esophageal obturator airway

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e·soph·a·ge·al gas·tric tube air·way

(EGTA) (ĕ-sof'ă-jē'ăl gas'trik tūb ār'wā)
In emergency respiratory therapy, a device used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation consisting of a mask for delivery of oxygen under positive pressure and an inflatable occlusive tube placed in the esophagus to prevent gastric inflation and regurgitation during resuscitation; used in unconscious patients for resuscitation.
Synonym(s): esophageal obturator airway, Gordon-Don Michael tube.
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esophageal obturator airway

Abbreviation: EOA
An airway device (formerly used in EMS systems) consisting of an esophageal tube with a 37-cm long tube attached to a mask. To be effective, the device requires an airtight mask seal on the patient’s face. A balloon at the distal end of the tube is inflated following blind insertion into the esophagus. The device reduces the likelihood of regurgitation and aspiration of stomach contents and indirectly ventilates the lungs.


Most emergency service agencies have replaced this device by more-advanced airway devices.
Synonym: esophageal gastric tube airway
See also: airway
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