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Additionally, the sensitivity of the startle escape response was significantly higher in wild-type subordinates compared to dominants.
"That's what is so paradoxical about this escape response - it seems to cancel out the exercise response and maintains extreme bradycardia even when the whales are exercising hard," Williams said in ( the statement .
The PCA on behavioral parameters, measured during escape response tests on these scallops (see Tremblay et al.
1968), and not as an immediate escape response. This GSB predator evasion method should prove highly effective, as few predators could dig in the sand for the fish after burial.
But as they planned to escape response officers arrived on the scene - four minutes after a passer-by had spotted the robbery and called 999.
If at any time during the study the participant emitted a known escape response, such as hand waving, attempting to leave the table, grunts, or sounds of agitation, he was allowed to escape, and the sessions were discontinued briefly.
Considering a great variety of insect species (estimates range between 2 and 30 million species) it is not surprising that the fastest escape response time should be found in that particular group of animals.
However, the high rate of attacks and the eiders' dramatic escape response suggest that walruses can at times be effective predators on them, and may affect the eiders' dispersion and energy balance.
Experience-dependent modification of ultrasound auditory processing in a cricket escape response. The Journal of Experimental Biology.
Cockroaches have long been studied as a model for understanding animal escape response, and further research could help scientists better understand how animals maintain some unpredictability when escaping predators.