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It noted it is exerting all possible efforts to get the world countries, including both Arab and Islamic, to promptly move to stop these Israeli provocative escalations, which threaten to explode the situation.
Typically, an escalation clause will not cover such items as monetary fluctuations in international exchange rates, loss of volume discounts, the bankruptcy of a key supplier, and changes in building codes.
But when empowered citizens use that power to threaten the safety of vulnerable others, then escalation to more and more coercive interventions should be inexorable--until safety is secured.
Another approach is to understate the size of the property so that a fully occupied property would generate escalations of more than 100-percent of the applicable charges.
This evolution of the CPI escalation clause resulted in the following 2 examples which were widely used: (Illustration of standard CPI clause with two choices of limiting clauses.
Finally, it must be emphasized that in all cases, the escalation provision must ensure that in no event will the tenant's base rent be reduced from that established by the lease.
Most commercial leases contain a tax escalation clause which provides that the tenant will pay as additional rent his proportionate share of any increase in real estate taxes on the entire building.
5 takes our existing team security and escalation features to a whole new level of functionality to meet our customers' need for greater flexibility, security and delivery control to meet automated messaging goals that differ in type and degree of urgency," said Troy Winskowicz, business continuity practice manager at EnvoyWorldWide.
Coopers & Lybrand's examination of the landlord's support for real estate tax escalations revealed that an inadequate gross-up adjustment was being made to base-year taxes.
Richardson created the Web-based training to provide Call Center Agents with consultative dialogue skills to quickly and effectively identify a client's needs, resolve issues, answer questions to minimize transfers, and decrease the number of escalations.
Escalations are a fact of life in New York, said David Solomon, executive vice president of Harper-Lawrence, Inc.
NASDAQ:GLGS), a biotechnology company focused on carbohydrate drug development, announced today that it has initiated a Phase I dose escalation clinical trial in multiple solid tumor cancer indications evaluating GCS-100LE at Sharp Clinical Oncology Research in San Diego, CA.