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But even a decade ago, Congress did not anticipate how quickly home prices would escalate. Now, with a federal budget awash in deficits, there is little discussion in Washington about raising the IRC section 121 exclusion figures or indexing them for inflation (though President Bush's Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Panel recently recommended raising the exclusion to $300,000 for single taxpayers and $600,000 for married ones filing jointly).
Be prepared to escalate your argument Ask for the manager, the owner or the telephone number of the company's corporate-headquarters.
Roque, in a press conference, said the President expressed hope during his meeting with Khovaev that the situation in Syria would not escalate any further 'as there are about 1,000 Filipinos in Syria.'
BEIRUT: The family of Saeb Fayyad, kidnapped five months ago with five Czech nationals in east Lebanon, demanded an investigation into the disappearance, threatening to escalate protests.
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Summary: RIYADH -- Shares on Saudi Arabia's stock exchange, the Arab world's biggest, dropped to the lowest level in almost two years, led by banks and telecom companies, amid concerns that regional conflicts may escalate.
Israeli news reports Tuesday said that it was in Hizbullah's favor to escalate tensions along the Lebanese-Israeli border, adding that UN officials agreed.
A DISPUTE over jobs at an oil refinery looked set to escalate today after hundreds of workers who have been taking unofficial industrial action were sacked.
The union's executive said it had decided to escalate the level of strike action following the lack of progress during recent talks with the Royal Mail.
Immediately following the terrorist attack, the expectation was people and businesses would be leaving the city in droves, but instead appreciation on private housing stopped for about three months and then has continued to escalate ever since.
By July 13, nursing noted that the resident's bruising began to escalate. The physician was notified of her INR level, which remained within normal range.