erythrocyte fragility

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susceptibility, or lack of resistance, to influences capable of causing disruption of continuity or integrity.
fragility of blood erythrocyte fragility.
capillary fragility abnormal susceptibility of capillary walls to rupture with extravasation.
erythrocyte fragility unusual susceptibility of erythrocytes to hemolysis under certain conditions; see mechanical fragility and osmotic fragility.
mechanical fragility unusual susceptibility of certain erythrocytes to hemolysis under mechanical stress.
osmotic fragility susceptibility of certain erythrocytes to hemolysis when exposed to increasingly hypotonic solutions; seen in some forms of hemolytic anemia and spherocytosis. A test of osmotic fragility is used in diagnosis of some types of hemolytic anemia.
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In addition, values at 0.5% NaCl suggest a dose dependent fashion of increase in erythrocyte fragility since fragility of NaF30ppm+DMBA is significantly higher than NaF15ppm+DMBA.

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