erythema elevatum diutinum

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er·y·the·ma el·e·va·tum di·u·ti·num

a rare chronic symmetrical eruption of flattened nodules of a pinkish or purplish color, occurring in plaques on the buttocks; Achilles tendons; and extensors of wrists, elbows, and knees, becoming fibrotic and finally scarring. Early lesions show necrotizing vasculitis with fibrinoid or lipid deposits in vessel walls.

erythema elevatum diutinum

A form of vasculitis that affects the skin on the extensor surfaces of the forearms or legs. Iit is often seen in those infected with HIV.
See also: erythema


Judson Sykes, English dermatologist, 1852-1944.
Bury disease - a chronic symmetrical eruption of flattened pinkish nodules. Synonym(s): erythema elevatum diutinum