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Characterized by eruption.
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Characterized by eruption.
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(e-rup'shon) [L. eruptio, outbreak]
1. A visible breaking out, esp. of a skin lesion or rash accompanying a disease such as measles or scarlet fever.
2. The appearance of a lesion such as redness or spotting on the skin or mucous membrane.
3. The breaking of a tooth through the gum; the cutting of a tooth. eruptive (-tiv), adjective

active eruption

Movement of the tooth toward the occlusal plane.

creeping eruption

A skin lesion marked by a tortuous elevated red line that progresses at one end while fading out at the other. It is caused by the migration into the skin of the larvae of certain nematodes, esp. Ancylostoma braziliense and A. caninum, which are present in ground exposed to dog or cat feces.
Synonym: cutaneous larva migrans

delayed eruption

The most common variation in the tooth eruption pattern. It may be due to crowding or to various genetic, endocrine, or physiological factors.
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drug eruption

Dermatitis produced in some patients by application or ingestion of drugs. Drug rashes usually appear on the trunk (chest and back). See: illustration

fixed drug eruption

A localized red rash with a sharp border, which follows exposure to a drug. The rash usually burns, occurs on the face or the genitals, and, if the offending agent is given again, recurs in the same location.

passive eruption

Increased size of the clinical crown of a tooth by apical migration of the attachment epithelium and periodontium.

polymorphous light eruption

, polymorphic light eruption Abbreviation: PMLE
A rash occurring after exposure to sunlight, typically consisting of papules, plaques, or papulovesicles on sun-exposed skin. It is more common in fair-skinned patients and in women than in men or people with darker skin color. The rash is usually itchy but may produce a burning or stinging sensation. Avoiding sun exposure with protective clothing and sunblock helps prevent PMLE. Immune-modulating drugs are available for refractory cases.

seabather's eruption

Itching red papules that may appear on the skin within a few hours of swimming in saltwater. The rash is caused by the sting of the larval forms of the thimble jellyfish or the sea anemone. The rash is usually more prominent under swimsuits than on exposed skin because the pressure of clothing on the skin releases the stinging barbs of the larvae. The swimsuit should be washed before it is worn again. Treatment is symptomatic, with oral antihistamines or topical corticosteroids.

serum eruption

An eruption that occurs following the injection of serous fluid. It may be accompanied by chills, fever, and arthritic symptoms.
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Characterized by eruption.
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