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intr.v. erupted, erupting, erupts
a. To break through the gums in developing. Used of teeth.
b. To appear on the skin. Used of a rash or blemish.

e·rup′tive adj.
e·rup′tive·ly adv.

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Q. What is the cause of my head rash? I have a rash on my head. It is red and itchy, what could it be from?

A. A head rash can be caused from lots of different things. I found a website that helps you diagnose it with charts:

Q. What do I do with this horrible Diaper Rash?? I have no idea what is up with my daughters diaper rash, she is a year old and I do everything to keep this rash from coming, but it comes back! All week I have let her run without a diaper on trying to let it air out as much as possible, (thank god for carpet shampooers).Is there any secret that someone has to getting rid of this rash?

A. My own daughter was yeasty from whatever they do to newborns in the hospital and I battled it ever day until I started taking garlic gel tabs. Because I breasfed her she got all the benefits of it and her bottom cleared right up.
Probiotics can help, yogurt, kefir and the like. Super Salve from is amazing in its healing abilities. Avoid processed foods and especially sugars.

Q. Doyou know if the Plant Yarrow give a RASH?

A. ThanksTerrany and Henry for your answers. I do need more information concerning skin contact with Yarrow.MRaye

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Meanwhile, a fire erupted in the house due to burning coals in huqqa.
On Monday, a mud volcano erupted in two spots at a rice paddy in Pingtung County's Wandan Township, with the height of the spewing mud exceeding one meter, reported UDN.
Dilaceration of the impacted tooth in association with odontoma also rarely has been reported in the literature.[2] Here, we present a case of an erupted odontoma and describe the principal characteristics of this lesion.
A fire that erupted from a residential building in Al Baraha area on Saturday was the last of the four fires that occurred during the nine-day Eid-break in Dubai.
The shopkeepers told media that the fire firstly erupted in a shop that engulfed other shops suddenly, however, the fire brigade staff extinguished it with a swift operation.
17, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued an alert to warn climbers and others in Kuchinoerabu to take cover after a volcano in the southwestern Japan island erupted at around 9:20 a.m local time, according to ( Kyodo News .
They said that two fire tenders rushed to the scene and put out the fire that erupted in the shop located at Rafiq Centre in Saddar.
This time, fire gutted a poultry section of the weekly bazaar in H-9, no one was hurt in the blaze that erupted around 12:30 am in the night.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A clash erupted among the Afghan and Pakistani borders along the Durand Line close to Spin Boldak district of Southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan.
LAHORE -- Official record, furniture, and other valuables were reduced to ashes when huge fire erupted in the top floor of a multi-storey plaza on The Mall on Friday.
The Toraghay mud volcano erupted in Garadagh district of Baku on March 1.
In Ramallah district, clashes erupted when Israeli army quelled a protest in the village of Budrus.