errors and omissions insurance

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er·rors and o·mis·sions in·sur·ance

(ĕr'ŏrz ō-mish'ŭnz in-shŭr'ăns)
Professional liability insurance for medical transcriptionists.
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With the exchange funds in a qualified escrow or qualified trust account, and a carefully selected QI who maintains adequate fidelity bond coverage and sufficient Errors and Omissions insurance, your client should have most of their exposure to any loss substantially reduced.
Allstate case, and others like it, are examples of the kind of legal action that could trigger errors and omissions insurance claims from independent insurance agents in Katrina-affected areas.
An important part of risk management involves purchasing Real Estate Errors and Omissions insurance from a financially strong insurance company to protect you and your business.
Are there insurance policies--such as Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance and Directors and Officers Insurance--to back up the promises?
It's always good policy to ask your insurance provider for a certificate of insurance for errors and omissions insurance policy or to explain how the provider would treat an uncovered loss that it should have known about, but missed.