false projection

(redirected from erroneous projection)

false pro·jec·tion

the faulty visual sensation arising secondarily to underaction of an ocular muscle.
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Foster noted that while a more refined methodology for projecting future interest income had been used for the March 30 report, a programming mistake resulted in an erroneous projection of interest earnings.
The Register-Guard, a family-operated monopoly serving an uber-left community, was complicit in its pre- and post-election disdain for Trump, joining its industry brethren with erroneous projections and unfounded excuses.
In summary, the most erroneous projections were largely amongst non-metropolitan LGAs that were either small, had significant mining employment or significant Indigenous populations.
Kaddy disagreed, saying erroneous projections have put the city in its precarious fiscal state.
The spin, the deceptions and the erroneous projections coming out of Sacramento this past year can no longer be trusted.
In addition, the authors tend to make claims about the health care and hospital industry that either lack adequate supporting evidence and/or are based on erroneous projections.