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According to the fire department, the man's parachute collapsed as a result of "erratic winds." "Once you see the video, you realize he's a very lucky man.
This year, the entire desert region has so far received erratic rainfall, which has done little to avert the threat of drought.
'The Philippine tax reform is certainly not 'populist' and not 'erratic' but it is necessary to fund that ambitious infrastructure program which is necessary to enhance the competitiveness of the economy,' it added.
Similarly, he went on to say, sudden change in weather due to erratic rains also leave impact on bees health.
Concerned driver Ryszard Jurowski spotted his erratic behaviour and followed him home to confront the former boxing champion.
TN Kaul, the RWA president of Aardee City, said 40 per cent residents of his locality are suffering due to erratic water supply.
Punjab was projected to produce 10.5 million bales this year, but the projection was revised downward to 7.4 million bales following erratic rainfall in some areas and attack of pink bollworm and whitefly.
Over the past several years, the erratic has been repeatedly vandalized with graffiti, spray paint and felt markers.
Another protestor from Mehjoor Nagar said that the cable TV services had gone erratic and that the operators didn't respond to grievances.
The arithmetic is flattered, however, by the base effects provided by 2012's erratic numbers.
Small scale business owners in Serrekunda, the largest town in Gambia, told PANA on Wednesday that their production was impeded by the erratic electricity supply in the Kanifing Municipality.
Despite questions over a lack of documented evidence, Stanley Knowlton, head of interpretive services at Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and member of the Piikani First Nation, maintains that historical etchings, described as pictographs or petroglyphs, existed on a glacial boulder known as the Glenwood Erratic before being destroyed by an act of vandalism.