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An error—errata is the plural—identified in a printed periodical which indicates that a substantial error was identified in the work
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There is little research on the identification and retrieval of errata. The Cochrane Handbook discusses searching for errata when updating a systematic review in section 6.4.10, "Identifying fraudulent studies, other retracted publications, errata and comments" [6].
Because of the new additions - described by the DBM as "errata" and "typographical errors" - the minority congressmen asked that the budget bill be returned to the plenary session for open discussion.
Robert Graham of Errata Security wrote: "This indicates
Pic charts the cultural impact of the omnipresent title song, from its Russian roots to its present status as a bar mitzvah staple, in a fun package rife with celebrity interviewees and pop-archival errata. A little thin on substance even given its short runtime, this is nonetheless a sure shot to transfer from Jewish fests to broadcast sales, with small-scale theatrical exposure possible.
For a list of past errata, please go to
The supplemental website contains sources of all the software he discusses, further exercises and comments on their solutions, links to other sites, and errata. (A[c] Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)
"Make sure you have all the updated information in your [RAI] manual and be updated to the errata document of March 12," advised Klusch.
Also included are: (1) Notes from the Field; (2) Announcement; (3) Errata: Vol.
Peter DeRaedt, the association president, said 'Based on feedback we received from our members, the GSA Board of Directors decided to simplify the naming and streamline the multiple errata versions of the protocol, The G2S specification that the global gaming community has come to rely on, has not been changed - only the packaging.