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A process in which an object or action is rendered sexually exciting.
Synonym(s): libidinization
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It is Lacan who draws attention to the fact that the erotization of the oral zone can go so far that the replaced satisfaction can be the eating "nothing" of anorexia:
Raffin demonstrates that the author's artistic tropes and themes--his subtle erotization of Nature, his theodicy, his representation of human anguish--cannot be properly understood without an investigation of the role of images of femininity and of the profound effect of women (such as his daughter, Leopoldine) upon the author's life, poetry and fiction.
The definitions of male and female are created through the erotization of dominance and submission, and these differences define each other.(181)
The erotization of both Ada's and Baines' bodies in a context of mutual exchange subverts the traditional structure of the look described by Laura Mulvey, in which women's bodies become the object of the fetishistic look of the male protagonist and of the spectator (1989: 14-26).
Sometimes a young boy's erotization of panties leads him to public behavior that is socially unacceptable.
In reflecting upon his sexual satisfaction at Barbara's sufferings, we might consider Kristeva's contention that "The erotization of abjection .
Erotization of aggression may then be called into play as a major defense against the excessive anger which threatens the very existence of the boy's relationship with his mother.
(31.) I think that this interpretation (and thus this text) provides strong support for Freud's contention that "the erotization of pain allows a sense of mastery by converting pain into pleasure," against Benjamin's puzzling assertion that "this is true only for the master" (61).
An analogous phenomenon related to this may be seen in the contemporary performance of the Raslila in which the adolescent boys who play the roles of the gopis exaggerate the conventionally effeminate speech and gestures that their roles and assumed gender demand.(51) Even in the generally more straitlaced atmosphere of the Rama cult and the general de- erotization of this avatara of Visnu, compared with the paradoxical mixture of chastity and unbounded sexuality in the Krsna legend,(52) this theme may surface.