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Key words Sexuality -- Feminity -- Erotism -- Crisis -- Identity
Thus Joel Kahn's paper on the construction of Malay identity approaches its subject through the language of subalternity, McLaren's paper on the literature of resistance in China through the language of erotism, Stivens and Healey on Malay women and to some extent Ram on the anthropological construction of Indian identity through the language of feminism and all of the papers to a greater or lesser extent through a critical perspective which attempts to see beyond conventional explanations.
Such deflection of aggression is particularly important at this time, since it is sometime between sixteen and eighteen months that genital erotism emerges in its normal maturational sequence as the leading zone of erotic experience.
After that he fell asleep too, immersing himself in the images of what he had done in the last couple of days, with a satisfied look on his face, letting the waves of erotism that were still going through his body wash over him, making him jerk slowly from time to time.
It kills individuality, erotism of the naked body, makes person unrecognizable - but branded.
As George Bataille writes in Erotism, there is something infinite buried deep within us, something which we can never fully integrate into our systems of control and mastery: "There is in nature and there subsists in man a movement which always exceeds the bounds, that can never be anything but partially reduced to order.