erosive gastritis

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e·ro·sive gas·tri·tis

(ē-rōsiv gas-trītis)
Inflammation of the mucosal gastric lining.
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Relationship between Biliary Symptoms and UGI-Scopy Findings UGI Scopy Findings Frequency Percent Lax Cardia, Fundal Gastritis Chronic Diffuse Erosive Gastritis Lax Cardia, Grade B Esophagitis 7 10.6% Scattered Gastric Erosions in Fundus and 1 1.5% antrum 5 7.8% Periampullary Diverticulum in Second 2 3.0% part of Duodenum 1 1.5% Lax Cardia, Fundal Gastritis, Grade A 3 4.5% Esophagitis 2 3.0% Diffuse Chronic Gastritis 1 1.5% Lax Cardia, Bile Reflux Esophagitis, 1 1.5% Duodenitis.
On endoscopy, bleeding was secondary to erosive gastritis. Previous case reports have described bleeding due to gastric antral vascular ectasia (GAVE), which was described in two prior reported cases.
Whereas in Pakistan the most common cause of bleeding is esophageal varices.1,3,12 Since this study is primarily designed for non variceal causes, so such patients were excluded and consequently the frequency of remaining etiological pattern stands same.12 Nevertheless, more patients with erosive gastritis (32% vs.
Helicobacter pylori infection, glandular atrophy and intestinal metaplasia in superficial gastritis, gastric erosion, erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer and early gastric cancer.
reported that erosive gastritis showed a gradual decrease in a period of 20 years after 1991.
Shallow ulcerations and linear erosions of erosive gastritis as well as mucosal nodularity have been described on barium radiography and are difficult to visualize on CT.
Moreover, discontinuation of therapy due to dyspepsia, erosive gastritis, or other prespecified upper GI events occurred in 8% of controls and in none of the participants on the combo tablet, reported Dr.