erosion of cervix uteri

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erosion of cervix uteri

The alteration of the epithelium on a portion of the cervix as a result of irritation or infection.


In the early stages, the epithelium shows necrosis; in healing, there is a downgrowth of epithelium from the endocervical canal. If the growth is a single layer of tissue with a grossly granular appearance, it is called a simple granular erosion. If the growth is excessive and shows papillary tufts, it is called a papillary erosion. Histologically, the papillary erosion shows many branching racemose glands; their epithelium is the mucus-bearing cell with the nucleus at the base. In the healing process, squamous epithelium grows over the eroded area with one of the following results: the squamous cells replace the tissue beneath them completely, giving complete healing; the glands fill with squamous plugs and remain in that state; or the mouths of the glands are occluded by the squamous cells and nabothian cysts form. In the congenital type of erosion, the portio is covered by high columnar epithelium. See: carcinoma in situ; Papanicolaou test


Treatment consists of proper care of the cervix following delivery. Electrocauterization of the early erosion is usually curative. Cryotherapy may be used.

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