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Meanwhile, senior officials of the Punjab Irrigation Department visited the erosion-hit villages directed the Sialkot district administration to make drastic measures to save the villages from erosion.
Many people including Baba Muhammad Sharif and Shahid Khan told Dawn that the erosion of soil by Nullah Baeen was causing financial losses and had put the lives of thousands of people in danger.
Gulzar Ahmad and Muhammad Riaz said they had informed in writing the Shakargarh assistant commissioner and Narowal deputy commissioner about the dangers the erosion of soil posed to the villagers but their requests had fallen on deaf ears.
(2013) soil erosion because of water is turning into a genuine issue in downpour encouraged zones of Potwar area.
Results from a UC study suggest that a majority of California's rangeland is resistant to sheet and rill erosion if recommended residual forage dry matter levels are being achieved.
Forest conversion means reducing the hydrological function of watershed as the result of the increase of erosion and sedimentation which causes water holding capacity decreases (Andreassian, 2004; Masnang et al., 2014).
But erosion rates half when fruit teas are drunk with meals.
Because his paper focused on the erosion rate of the abrasive gas jet, the abrasive velocity was the most relevant to rock breakage.
Figures 4(a) and 4(b) show the erosion depth and material removal amount with and without the ultrasonic vibration.
Key Words: Dental erosion, Chemical factory workers, Lahore.
(s002) and Jankauskas (22012s) indicated that soil erosion causes irreversible processes in chemical properties of soil along hillsloper by thinning the Ap thickness.