ergometrine maleate

er·go·no·vine ma·le·ate

a powerful oxytocic agent; this action is more prominent, and other actions of ergot (for example, vasoconstriction, central nervous system stimulation, adrenergic blockade) are less prominent than for other ergot alkaloids; effective orally and parenterally.
Synonym(s): ergometrine maleate
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Injection Oxytocin 20 IU and Inj Nexbolic (Methyl ergometrine maleate) 3 ml was administered by l/M route on 1S1 day only.
Postpartum eclampsia associated with ergometrine maleate administration.
The buffalo was treated with DNS (3 liters), NSS (4 liters) and Mifex (Calcium borogloconate) 450 ml slow I/V and Injection Oxytocin 20 IU and Nexbolic (Methyle Ergometrine Maleate C) 5 ml was administered by I/M route on 1st day only.
Nexbolic (Methyl ergometrine Maleate) @2-5 mg I/m, inj Mifex 450 ml I/V, inj.