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an instrument that measures the amount of work performed during muscular activity; see also dynamometer.
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An instrument for measuring the degree of muscular power.
Synonym(s): ergometer
[dynamo- + G. metron, measure]
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An instrument for measuring the amount of work done by a muscle or group of muscles.

er′go·met′ric (ûr′gə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
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1. Synonym(s): dynamometer.
2. An indoor rower or pedal device used to exercise the arms and legs.
[ergo- + G. metron, measure]
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Results of the current study showed that ergometric training did not alter the risk for preterm delivery.
After the participant was seated on the ergometer (ergometric bicycle SHARP FIT, DOUBLE SIX-909), the handle bar was moved both horizontally and vertically to make it comfortable to the participant then the participants were encouraged to do cycling and the time was recorded.
(14), 2012 A2 A Cross Inclusion: * Use of movement Sectional DM1 + 6 months sensor Study after diagnosis * Cardiorespiratory > 18 years aptness test And capable * Evaluation of using the (BMI and RCO?/ ergometric lean and fat mass bicycle measurements) Exclusion: * Evaluation chronic of presence of complications of diabetes, HbAc1, diabetes lipid profile and AP.
They will also participate in seminars, undergo ergometric tests and have the support of sport psychologists.
Cardiac monitoring was performed using ergometric equipment (Cardiobyt, Brazil) connected to a microcomputer and an HR monitor (Polar Electro, USA).
Both underwent a standard 2D echocardiographic Doppler examination and an ergometric treadmill test up to maximal tolerated effort according to a modified Bruce protocol that provides a gradual increase in workload every 2 minutes.
(1998) Ergometric and psychological findings during overtraining: a long-term follow-up study in endurance athletes.
Ergometric and metabolic adaptation to a 5-s sprint training programme.
Then they participated in progressive incremental, ergometric testing.
MONDAY Cardio training program (by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association WEDNESDAY Training program (adapted by the multistratified protocol for testing on the ergometric bicycle) FRIDAY Cardio-training program (by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association) Objectives
In their study, twenty-three patients underwent comprehensive cardiovascular evaluations (ECG, Holter-monitoring, echocardiography, ergometric exercise test ana myocardial scintigraphy, ana, if abnormalities were found, coronary angiography) before ana during viaeo-EEG monitoring.