Pertaining to any substance that impairs exercise performance.
[ergo- + G. lysis, a loosening]
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Rats treated with p-CPA showed no reduction of the time to fatigue after icv administration of TRP, confirming that the ergolytic action caused by increased central TRP was a consequence of the conversion of the amino acid to 5-HT, and excluding the direct participation of this amino acid in the modulation of fatigue (Figure 1) (12).
Controversies of antioxidant vitamins supplementation in exercise: ergogenic or ergolytic effects in humans?
However, of the seven trials which found caffeine to be ergolytic, or have no impact on performance, two of these utilised a low dose of caffeine (Astorino et al.
Coverage includes special topics such as maximizing one's glycogen stores before a mission and consuming ergogenic rather than ergolytic foods, however, the focus is mostly on general foods.
Research indicates the majority of low-carbohydrate diets are potentially ergolytic (performance decreasing) to endurance and high-intensity exercise.
Most reviews evaluating the central fatigue hypothesis suggest that BCAA is not an effective ergogenic supplement, nor is it ergolytic.
They conclude, based on the best available scientific evidence, that an athlete should consider The Zone Diet to be ergolytic, not ergogenic.
Physical training decreased the ergolytic effect caused by the central administration of a 5-HT agonist, which suggests decreased sensitivity in trained animals.
Another intriguing finding was that a dose-dependent effect of paroxetine on physical performance was not observed in either group; for example, in the subjects with higher aerobic capacity, 40 mg of paroxetine did not enhance or even reproduce the ergolytic effect caused by 20 mg of paroxetine.
Despite the ergolytic effects of 20 mg of paroxetine, the self-perceived state measured immediately after the volitional fatigue was not influenced by the drug.
1998), whose findings also demonstrated an ergolytic effect of 20 mg of paroxetine, did not describe the environmental condition at which their experiments were conducted.
2008a) may have compensated for the ergolytic effects of increased serotonergic activity when the subjects were treated with 40 mg of paroxetine.