erector pili muscle

erector pili (arrector pili) muscle

A tiny muscle capable of changing the angle of a hair follicle so as to cause hair to ‘stand on end’. Each follicle has one of these muscles which function under extremes of emotion.
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Leiomyomas are classified into three groups: cutaneous leiomyomas that arise from the erector pili muscle; vascular leiomyomas that arise from smooth muscle of the vein; and leiomyomas of deep soft tissues.
The etiology is unclear; speculation has centered on origin from the smooth muscle in the walls of blood vessels, in the erector pili muscles of hair follicles, or in aberrant undifferentiated mesenchyme.
[3] This low incidence is attributed to the scarcity of smooth muscle in the head and neck, which is limited to erector pili muscles, vessel walls, and the esophagus.