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1. Standing out from the surface of the body.
2. In a state of physiological erection.
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Q. I started to suffer from erectile dysfunction? Why is this happening and what can I do to treat it? I am a healthy 52 year old. I have hypertension but i take pills to treat it and my levels are around 130/80. except that I am at great shape. In the last few months I feel that a problem in my sex life. I want to have sex but i can't due to erectile dysfunction. What can be the reason for this? and more important what can I do?

A. get rize2 it lasts about 4 days,and all you have to do is think about sex
and you get a rock hard erection!!!!!

Q. What are some ways to get an erection? Libido and sperm are OK. I have had a problem with depression for years. I have always had a strong libido and I find that my ED has been a factor in my depression. Sexual relationships have helped me deal with my depression. What a MIRACLE! How can something so good be a remedy for mental problems. Oh! for a good stiff dick. I have considered a penile prosthesis implant but I'm still hoping for something better. Any information that might help would be greatly appreciated and I will remember you in my dreams and fantasies(sexual)for you ladies and I'll thank you studs. John

A. I am a female but my husband likes to think about a womans vagina. So maybe you should get a fake vagina try And also try lubricants and other things, think about what turns you on.

Q. I can get erections and I am ok as long as I am on top. If I have my girlgriend get on the top no more erect. Not enough space for question. I lose my erection when my girlfriend is on top. It just does not seem to be as erect as it used to. I am only thirty-one is this normal?

A. yes this has happened before in the missionary position. I feel real uncomfortable talking about this, but it is a relief on my mind.

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The contractor, CB & I, has already erected the stem of the tower and will lift and affix the lower bowl in place by the end of next week, weather permitting.
Chhun Sros, another resident, said although his family thought it strange that his children and grandchildren had fallen sick with fever, diarrhoea and sore throats, he had not erected a ting mong as he believed the illness resulted from the recent extremely hot weather.
Others have been erected without the county's approval,' Kerich said.
class="MsoNormalThe exercise, which is set to continue for the next six weeks, saw a number of billboards erected without the county government's approval along Waiyaki Way flattened.
In that regard, he said companies that erected illegal bill boards had been served with enforcement notices.
A bust to Mikhail Avagyan, a person directly involved in the occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and adjacent territories, and in organizing the killings of Azerbaijanis in these territories, was erected in the Georgian settlement of Bugashen of the Akhalkalaki municipality on January 20.
The markers are being erected to identify the CDA land and prevent it from being encroached.
During the operation, guard room established in a container at southern corner, up-down barrier, iron grill erected around public parking area of eastern, northern and southern side, security post at northern corner, advertising boards installed at public parking area were also removed from parking area of Ali Medical centre F-8 Markaz.
The arrested persons also include those shopkeepers, who had erected encroachments on footpath.
"It is Sinn Fein's position that no flag or emblem should be erected to mark out territory, to harass, or intimidate anyone and it was clearly provocative to erect flags close to a place of worship.
A Ten Commandments marker that was erected six years ago on government property in Bloomfield, N.M., has been moved to a church after the U.S.