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1. Standing out from the surface of the body.
2. In a state of physiological erection.
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Q. I started to suffer from erectile dysfunction? Why is this happening and what can I do to treat it? I am a healthy 52 year old. I have hypertension but i take pills to treat it and my levels are around 130/80. except that I am at great shape. In the last few months I feel that a problem in my sex life. I want to have sex but i can't due to erectile dysfunction. What can be the reason for this? and more important what can I do?

A. get rize2 it lasts about 4 days,and all you have to do is think about sex
and you get a rock hard erection!!!!!

Q. What are some ways to get an erection? Libido and sperm are OK. I have had a problem with depression for years. I have always had a strong libido and I find that my ED has been a factor in my depression. Sexual relationships have helped me deal with my depression. What a MIRACLE! How can something so good be a remedy for mental problems. Oh! for a good stiff dick. I have considered a penile prosthesis implant but I'm still hoping for something better. Any information that might help would be greatly appreciated and I will remember you in my dreams and fantasies(sexual)for you ladies and I'll thank you studs. John

A. I am a female but my husband likes to think about a womans vagina. So maybe you should get a fake vagina try And also try lubricants and other things, think about what turns you on.

Q. I can get erections and I am ok as long as I am on top. If I have my girlgriend get on the top no more erect. Not enough space for question. I lose my erection when my girlfriend is on top. It just does not seem to be as erect as it used to. I am only thirty-one is this normal?

A. yes this has happened before in the missionary position. I feel real uncomfortable talking about this, but it is a relief on my mind.

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