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see equus.

Equus burchelli
common zebra.
Equus caballus
the modern horse.
Equus grevyi
Grevyi's zebra.
Equus przewalskii
Equus zebra
see zebra.


the final stage of the evolution of the horse. The evolution appears to have been direct beginning with Eohippus, through Miohippus and Merychippus to Pliohippus and finally to Equus.
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Out of the nine jockeys running the Preakness, five of them trusted American Equus irons to get them across the finish line safety.
28 per share, the USG/E shareholders will hold, exclusive of any shares currently held by them in Equus, approximately 76.
Equus is much more than a restaurant--here you will find a winery, a bar, two cigar salons, Tea Deli with its 20 exclusive types, and tea-serving ceremonies performed by masters of the art, and even a bookstore.
Researchers examined water chemistry, biology and habitat health on the Little Arkansas River, as well as the water quality of groundwater in the Equus Beds aquifer.
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe starred in the London (2007) and New York (2008) productions of Equus.
An affiliate of Equus acquired Madison Chestnut Hill and Madison Northwoods from AIMCO in 2008 as part of a three-property portfolio.
Also not changed: Consumer Reports' endorsement of the full-size, V-8-powered Equus as a recommended buy.
0m held by Equus at June 30, 2012, combined with the proceeds from the sale of the OPG shares, the Fund's cash increases to USD32.
Equus was originally staged in 1973 at the Royal National Theatre, London.
Equus won the Tony Award and New York Critics Circle Award for Best New Play in 1977.
She said: "Working for Equus Connect will fit very well with my other equine interests.