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Referring to the equal chance of two events occurring
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The evaluation of the eight landing variables of four groups on the equiprobable envelopes must ensure that the sum of their sequence number is nine, satisfying the demand of the joint probability.
where d(j) 's are equiprobable uncorrelated binary phase-shift keying (BPSK) data and [T.sub.f] is the symbol duration.
Unlike kriging, SGS can generate multiple equiprobable simulation realisations that overcome the smoothing effect, and the distribution and variance function of the original data can be reproduced in the realisations.
When predicting weather, doing so out beyond about 5 to 6 days becomes an almost equiprobable situation (50/50), even when done on Cray supercomputers.
First, all the hierarchical random graphs are assumed to be a priori and equiprobable. Next, the probability of the model (D, {pr}) that can correctly explain the data is assumed to be in proportion to the likelihood estimator L that produces the observable network according to Bayes Theorem.
In this particular case, three key assumptions are necessary: (i) [s.sub.b] should be a zero-mean process characterized by equiprobable positive and negative values, (ii) compared to the macroscopic rate of damage change, the fluctuation rate is extremely rapid, and (iii) the [s.sub.b] mean-square fluctuation should be time or strain independent [27].
Modular rotations have better entropy ([log.sub.2]n = 6.6) since each shift is equiprobable and considerably robust.
Coherence--We assessed coherence by comparing the number of embedded absences (i.e., absences that have at least one presence toward each extreme in a row or column) in the ordinated data matrix to a distribution of embedded absences produced by a null model in which species richness per site is fixed and species occurrence is equiprobable (Leibold and Mikkelson, 2002).