equine encephalitis

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e·quine en·ceph·a·lo·my·e·li·tis

an acute, often fatal, virus disease of horses and mules transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by central nervous system disturbances; in the U.S., this disease is typically caused by one of three alphaviruses, and their resulting diseases are designated western equine, eastern equine, and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis; these viruses belong to the family Togaviridae and can also cause neurologic disease in humans.
Synonym(s): equine encephalitis
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equine encephalitis

One of a range of diseases of horses and humans, featuring inflammation of the brain, and caused by various strains of ARBOVIRUSES, occurring in the Americas as several types, especially Eastern, Western, Californian and Venezuelan. Epidemics of encephalitis are often preceded by death of horses. Most cases are acquired by mosquito bites. There is no specific treatment and cases often end fatally or with severe permanent brain damage.
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Five cases of eastern equine encephalitis virus disease were reported from four states (Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Wisconsin) (Table 2); however, infection occurred in three of the cases through organ transplantation.
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* The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Equine Encephalitis
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Trailing far behind are eastern equine encephalitis virus at 0.04 per million, followed by Powassan virus and St.
(EEE) occurs primarily east of the Mississippi River, with the closely related western equine encephalitis in the West.
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The case cluster formed the West Nile epicenter for California last year and was the largest mosquito-borne encephalitis outbreak in Kern County since a 1952 epidemic of western equine encephalitis virus.
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26 budget workshop discussion of mosquito-borne illnesses when he suggested that instead of spending money to test for eastern equine encephalitis in mosquitoes the town should instead station three residents--Ryk Bullock, Roy Stewart, and Elaine Tefft--around Bedford and see if they contract the disease.

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