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equilibrator (ēkwil´ibrātur),

n an instrument or device used in achieving or maintaining a state of equilibrium.
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As temperatures fall, so does the nitrogen pressure in your M777A2 howitzer's equilibrators.
Cooper takes the view that these alone are not enough to balance the world economy and that the real equilibrator outside the United States is government deficits and overseas investment leading to export surpluses.
LO 9-2350-264-12 (25 Sep 06) says to lube the commander's weapon station equilibrator spring.
An equilibrator of gear box that can't function deadlines the howitzer.
Improperly shimmed equilibrator adjusting screws on your M198 towed howitzer are bad news, crewmen.
Part of MWO 9-1025-21-50-5 (Jun 93) for the M198 towed howitzer included the installation of new equilibrator adjustment scales, NSN 6695-01-386-2774 and 6695-01-386-8345.