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Situated, like the earth's equator, equidistant from either end.


/equa·to·ri·al/ (e″kwah-tor´e-al)
1. pertaining to an equator.
2. occurring at the same distance from each extremity of an axis.


[L. aequator]
A line encircling a round body and equidistant from both poles. equatorial, adjective

equator of cell

The boundary of a plane through which the division of a cell occurs.

equator of crystalline lens

The line that marks the junction of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the crystalline lens. The fibers of the suspensory ligament are attached to it.

equator oculi

An imaginary line encircling the eyeball midway between the anterior and posterior poles.


the circle which divides the spherical object into two equal halves.

equatorial region
the middle piece; said of spindle muscle fibers.
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All intercoronal neurons, whether they are positioned fore, equatorially, or aft, project a single neuronal fiber that enters the coronal ring nerve (ICF and CN; Fig.
On this night Ainslie employed his 9-inch silvered reflector, on an altazimuth stand, up to one hour past local midnight (x180, x270 and x400) and then used an equatorially mounted 81/2-inch (216mm) reflector by Calver (x170 and x250) which he seemed to possess at that time.
However that surviving refractor is a portable altazimuth instrument and not the heavy, equatorially mounted, Cooke refractor used to discover the 1933 White Spot on Saturn.
With small, equatorially mounted refractors and compact catadioptric telescopes like Schmidt-Cassegrains and Maksutov-Cassegrains, the movement of the eyepiece as the telescope tracks the sky's diurnal motion will be modest relative to a stationary tripod-mounted camcorder.
Most sky-shooters were content to do skyscapes with their cameras on fixed tripods or take occasional wide-field tracked photos with cameras riding piggyback on equatorially mounted telescopes.
This was mounted equatorially on a Berthon stand with rough circles, and in spite of several attempted improvements, the positions obtained with it were never satisfactory.
However, when using an equatorially mounted Go To setup, this can slow you down.
If south, then it might be the Mississippi, which runs uphill in the sense that its mouth is farther from the equatorially bulging Earth's center than its source is.
Unfortunately, astronomers are still grappling with some of the fundamental questions of jet production, the most pressing of which is why an object that is accreting matter equatorially should focus some of that matter, along with prodigious amounts of energy, into narrow jets shooting from the poles.
Finding Mercury during daylight hours is easier with a polar-aligned, equatorially mounted telescope.
The books quickly became a major resource for planning my stargazing sessions and gained added importance when I bought an equatorially mounted 8-inch Newtonian reflector.
The field of an equatorially mounted telescope has a fixed orientation in the camera, but the field of an altazimuth instrument rotates at a rate that varies with the part of the sky you are aimed at.