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Situated, like the earth's equator, equidistant from either end.


/equa·to·ri·al/ (e″kwah-tor´e-al)
1. pertaining to an equator.
2. occurring at the same distance from each extremity of an axis.


[L. aequator]
A line encircling a round body and equidistant from both poles. equatorial, adjective

equator of cell

The boundary of a plane through which the division of a cell occurs.

equator of crystalline lens

The line that marks the junction of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the crystalline lens. The fibers of the suspensory ligament are attached to it.

equator oculi

An imaginary line encircling the eyeball midway between the anterior and posterior poles.


the circle which divides the spherical object into two equal halves.

equatorial region
the middle piece; said of spindle muscle fibers.
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