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Referring to an eponym; derived from a proper name, which is so fully integrated in the mainstream language that it is commonly written in lowercase—e.g., gram stain and, increasingly, pap smear
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Eugene Simonoff, president of his eponymously named investment banking firm in New York City, told NL/NL that he's been "as active as ever" in M&A deals in the newsletter and specialized-information industry.
Smith and Crow eventually signed with Abu Face Records and released their eponymously titled debut album in 1999.
The band's eponymously titled debut album has taken the world by storm and has gained them high profile fans including Louis Walsh and Bono who sang their praises after turning up at the last date of their American tour.
Or the eponymously titled scholarship for people named Zolp?
Exatec has developed a manufacturing process eponymously called Exatec 500 that uses plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition to apply a microns-thick layer of silicon oxide to polycarbonate panels, giving them abrasion resistance similar to glass.
But now, a decade on, a newly formed company, Objectstar, with an eponymously rebranded product, is working to bring the dream back to life.
The computing systems giant will acquire three-year-old CenterRun's eponymously named software, which is to remain a separate offering under Sun, and most of CenterRun's 35 staff.
The online service, eponymously named Brain Hive[TM], offers unlimited access to a large eBook collection valued at over $100,000.
The rock supergroup, which features Johnny, 52, Alice Cooper, 67, and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, 65, performed for the first time at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles after collaborating to record an eponymously titled album of covers.
In addition to the global unveil of the 2016 MX-5 Miata, MNAO has partnered with the enthusiast-operated event eponymously known as Miatas at Mazda Raceway, which will be held on September 5-7.
The eponymously titled Let Spin album is set to be released imminently on the Manchester label Efpi.
For television viewers, Ed is perhaps most beloved for his years on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and his eponymously successful spin-off series Lou Grant .