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Referring to an eponym; derived from a proper name, which is so fully integrated in the mainstream language that it is commonly written in lowercase—e.g., gram stain and, increasingly, pap smear
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Paperback rights to Toure's debut novel, Soul City (about a journalist sent to report on the mayoral race in the eponymous black urban utopia, where music, food, love, and style reign supreme) sold to Josh Kendall at Picador by Laura Quinn at Little, Brown and Company.
I won't spoil the fun by saying how the eponymous pike ends up in the eponymous basement of a bohemian artist and his nude model, but it's as good a yarn as you'll read anywhere.
The Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence is the weighty hard-back catalogue accompanying the eponymous exhibition that traveled among Chicago, Detroit, and Florence in 2002.
The eponymous contemporary art museum, named for its founder Sofia Imber, has 17 rooms, more than 21,000 square feet, and includes now more than 3,000 works, including Matisse, Picasso, Chagall and Miro.
Set in an idyllic postwar Japanese countryside, Totoro tells the story of two young sisters' encounters with magical forest spirits, including the eponymous Totoro, a furry creature that lives reside an enchanted tree.
JoAnn Calleia, interior designer with an eponymous firm on Pineapple Avenue, says clients often ask her to rejuvenate a room without changing the main seating pieces.
Toastabags recently launched its eponymous heat-conductive wallet which cooks sandwiches.
To settle in the film's eponymous city in the Northwest Territories.
Racing on the flat is the summer incarnation of horse-racing in England, focused on the small Suffolk town of Newmarket (so eponymous that a children's horse-racing game is named after it) whose economy is dominated by racing stables and regular race-meetings, but with famous races and meetings constituting high points in the social calendar all over the country, and Royal Ascot bringing aristocrats, plutocrats, a parade of spectacular millinery and a buzz of cork-popping tailgate parties to the Berkshire racecourse of that name at midsummer.
CAREER: The singer was signed to Sire in 1982 as a solo performer and her eponymous debut album was released in 1983.
Wallace and Weisman suggest "Reiter does not deserve eponymous distinction.
As BEA's WebLogic and Bluestone's eponymous application server continue to gain ground, just what does Sun think it is doing in this market?