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Relating to the epitrochlea.


(ĕp″ī-trŏk′lē-ă) [″ + trochalia, pulley]
The inner condyle of the humerus.
epitrochlear, adjective
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(7) Cat-scratch disease can mimic Kimura's disease on imaging as it can produce lymph node enlargement in the medial epitrochlear region and axilla with surrounding subcutaneous fat stranding.
Lymph Node Distribution Site Number Percentage Cervical 133 70.7 Supraclavicular 33 17.6 Submental 12 6.4 Axillary 43 22.9 Inguinal 9 4.8 Epitrochlear 5 2.7 Submandibular 18 9.6 Jugulodigastric 9 4.8 Parotid 2 1.1 Scalene 1 0.5 Table 4.
General and systemic physical examination revealed pallor and cervical and epitrochlear lymphadenopathy, mild hepatosplenomegaly and diffuse erythema over his face (Figure 1b).
Clinical signs were right axillary lymphadenitis and an inflammatory reddish skin lesion on the right hand with epitrochlear adenopathy, which appeared 2 days before he sought treatment.
The size varies, but in general a node is considered to be enlarged if it is greater than 1 cm but the epitrochlear node >0.5 cm and inguinal node >1.5 cm are accepted exceptions.
Two of the children had focal lymphadenopathy (axillary and epitrochlear) on admission; cervical lymphadenopathy developed in the third child during hospitalization.
Palpable and tender axillary and epitrochlear nodes and an erythematous streak over the forearm may also be present.
Cervical lymphadenopathy was commonest, seen in 214(34.96%), followed by axillary in 211(34.48%), inguinal in 179(29.25%), retroperitoneal in 29(4.74%), epitrochlear in 16 (2.61%), supraclavicular in nine (1.47%), submandibular in three (0.49%), hilar and posterior auricular in one (0.16%) each (Table 6).
(2) from India reported on the frequency of inguinal, cervical, axillary, epitrochlear and pre-auricular lymph node involvement (with figures of 76%, 70%, 70%, 65% and 10% respectively) on biopsy.
Lymphatic: No enlarged lymph nodes palpated on cervical, axillary, epitrochlear, or inguinal areas.
Epitrochlear and axillary lymphnodes were enlarged.
Excision biopsy of the epitrochlear lymph node done and incisional biopsy of one of the forearm lesion done.