epithermal neutron

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ep·i·ther·mal neu·tron

a neutron having an energy in the range immediately above the thermal range, that is, having an energy between a few hundredths and approximately 100 ev.
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The separated sorbent was analyzed for Cu, Co, and Cd content by the instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) using short time irradiation with epithermal neutrons (i.e., in a Cd shielding).
The largest enhancements were seen in transmission experiments with epithermal neutrons at resonances in nuclei A > 100.
A drop in the count of epithermal neutrons and an increase in the number of cool neutrons would indicate the presence of hydrogen in the lunar "soil" (regolith).
The thermal neutron background component from the thermal and epithermal neutrons multiply scattered on collimators will depend on the collimation system.