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Pertaining to epithelioma.


Pertaining to epithelioma.


(ep?i-the-le-o'ma) [? + thele, nipple, + oma, tumor]
A malignant tumor consisting principally of epithelial cells; a carcinoma. A tumor originating in the epidermis of the skin or in a mucous membrane. epitheliomatous (-ma-tus), adjective

epithelioma adamantinum

An epithelioma of the jaw arising from the enamel organ. It may be solid or partly cystic.
Synonym: adamantinoma

epithelioma adenoides cysticum

A basal cell carcinoma occurring on the surface of the body, esp. the face, and characterized by formation of cysts. Synonym: acanthoma adenoides cysticum; trichoepithelioma

basal cell epithelioma

Basal cell carcinoma.

deep-seated epithelioma

An epithelioma that invades and destroys tissue, forming irregular rounded ulcers.
Synonym: rodent ulcer