epithelial attachment

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junc·tion·al ep·i·the·li·um

a wedge-shaped collar of epithelial cells attached to the tooth surface and to the gingival connective tissue; its coronal aspect forms the base of the gingival crevice.
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epithelial attachment

The link between the reflection of the junctional (gingival) epithelium and the enamel, cementum, or dentin of the tooth.
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ep·i·the·li·al at·tach·ment

(epi-thēlē-ăl ă-tachmĕnt)
Junctional epithelial cells attaching the tooth to subepithelial tissues at base of gingival crevice.
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This term was based on the work of Garguilo et al (1961) who measured dentogingival components in 287 individual teeth from 30 autopsy specimens and established that there is definite proportional relationship between alveolar crest, the connective tissue attachment, the epithelial attachment and the sulcus depth.
(10) This classification divides the root into coronal, crestal and apical portions: coronal being defined as 'coronal to the crestal bone and epithelial attachment'; crestal being defined as 'at the level of the epithelial attachment and crestal bone' and apical being defined as 'apical to the crestal bone and epithelial attachment'.
In most cases the epithelial attachment remains intact and only when this attachment is breached, a self-containing pocket forms along the length of the groove favouring microbial plaque retention leading to the destruction of sulcular epithelium and later deeper parts of the periodontium.