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The factors associated with dyspareunia were: an infection with or without episiorrhaphy dehiscence (OR = 34.09; CI95%: 10.59-109.78); symptoms of vaginitis (OR = 7.43; CI95%: 3.68-14.99); tightness in the introitus of the vagina (OR = 6.38; CI95%: 2.92-13.94), and breast feeding exclusively (OR = 4.86; CI95%: 2.44- 9.69).
Dyspareunia was related to complications with episiotomy and its possible sequelae, such as infection, episiorrhaphy dehiscence, and constricted introitus.
In seventeen observations, exemplified below, it was noted that the health team called the mother by name: ON and NT--with calm voice call laboring woman by her name [O3]; RO--calls laboring woman by name and explains that he will sanitize the perineum and perform episiorrhaphy [O13].