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, epiphyseal (ep'i-fiz'ē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation epiphyse'al.
Relating to an epiphysis.
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(e-pif'i-sis) plural.epiphyses [Gr., a growing upon]
1. In the developing infant and child, a secondary bone-forming (ossification) center separated from a parent bone in early life by cartilage. As growth proceeds (at a different time for each epiphysis), it becomes a part of the larger, or parent, bone. It is possible to judge the biological age of a child from the development of these ossification centers as shown radiographically.
2. A center for ossification at each extremity of long bones. See: diaphysis
3. The end of a long bone.
epiphysealepiphysial (ep?i-fiz'e-al), adjective
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The cranial roof of white sharks has an epiphysial bar and epiphysial fenestrum just behind the anterior fontanelle, but this is absent in postnatal crania of shortfin makos, porbeagles, and Sanzo's embryo (Compagno, 1990).
Trevor, "Tarso-epiphyseal aclasis, a congenital error of epiphysial development," J Bone Joint SurgBr, vol.
Ipsilateral epiphysial injury of the wrist in one case (4%), Ipsilateral disruption of the acromio-clavicular joint in one case (4%).
Experimental epiphysial injury and Freiberg's disease.
The epiphysial cartilagenous layer, with downward extension into spikules, cancellous and shaft matrices showed progress towards ossification.
Standard anterior-posterior (AP) chest and abdomen radiographs not only demonstrate the position of the upper extremities but also provide an opportunity to evaluate epiphysial closure for estimating age at the time of death.
There are two types of osteochondritis dissecans: the juvenile form, which occurs in patients with open epiphysial plate, (2) the adult form, which occurs after the physis closes.