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, epiphyseal (ep'i-fiz'ē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation epiphyse'al.
Relating to an epiphysis.
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None of the diaphyseal FVFG transfers had defects at the graft site; however, all 4/4 of the epiphyseal transfers had peroneal nerve defects making it the most common complication overall (36%).
In the young, a UBC is near the epiphyseal plate, migrating distally in time to abut or involve the diaphysis.
"We focused on epiphyseal fusion because it signals the end of the growth of the bone," explains Duren.
Our case of SEDC presented with short stature, spinal deformity and leg pains and was found to have platyspondyly, kyphoscoliosis, pectus carinatum, pes planus and delayed epiphyseal ossification.
(24.) Kohn, L.A., Olson, P., Cheverud, J.M., Age of epiphyseal closure in tamarins and marmosets.
The complications described in the literature include premature epiphyseal closure, leg length discrepancy, greater trochanter overgrowth, abductor lurch, loss of motion, pain, and over varusization.
Intraarticular epiphyseal osteochondroma with multiple joints involvement is called Trevor disease.19 Osteochondroma is usually asymptomatic but can produce mechanical symptoms, neuropathies due to pressure affect and clinically as a mass.
At completion of the experiment, effect of caffeine and vitamin D3 on the height of proliferative and hypertrophy zones of epiphyseal cartilage of mice's femur was analyzed.
From their work, they noted a significant variation in the fusion and maturation process of epiphyseal plates, even when different methodologies were applied in their studies.
Response to injury and estrogen in vertebral epiphyseal plates and end plates.
Determination of human chronological age was extensively investigated by biological anthropologists, archeologists, and anatomists from many perspectives, one of which was the epiphyseal union and its relationship to chronological age [1-3].