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Field use of hair epilation force in nutrition status assessment.
De meme, les emotions ressenties (5) des femmes au moment de leur epilation ou de leur rasage ne sont pas accessibles, contrairement au recit a posteriori de ces emotions, ce qui fait la richesse de ces discours.
A high-speed rotating epilation head ensures thorough removal of even the shortest of hairs, leaving a silky smooth finish.
After a lull without peak mortality from any special causes, deaths began to occur from purpura, which was often associated with epilation, anaemia, and a yellowish coloration of the skin.
Forty healthy volunteer women that admitted to the dermatology clinics for the removal of unwanted hair by laser epilation were enrolled to the study.
A highspeed rotating epilation head ensures thorough REMOVAL of eVen the shortest of hairs, LEAVING a silky smooth finish.
We are bombarded with different ways to rid ourselves of it - from the razor, to epilation, hair removal cream, waxing and laser treatment.
In conclusion, Vitamin A responsive dermatitis affects dogs about 2 years of age and most characteristic lesion are scaling, crusts and easy epilation of hair.
Elle offre des formations en coiffure (coupes et couleurs), maquillage (professionnel et artistique), manucure, epilation et extension de cils selon le cursus francais.
(9) In vivo laser scanning confocal microscopy has also been shown to be able to diagnose, predict the number of mites, and to follow the course of treatment non-invasively (without epilation of the lashes).(10)
Young women everywhere can now rejoice as Braun launches Silk-epil 5 Young Beauty, which guarantees a gentler epilation experience and short-hair removal for smooth skin confidence all year round.
Thus far, there is no evidence in Ethiopia that trichiasis surgery results in better visual outcomes than epilation in patients with less severe TT, which suggests that epilation may be appropriate for minor TT where surgery is not available or accessible [34].