Unequal conjoined twins in which the smaller, incomplete parasite is attached to the larger autosite at the lower jaw. See: conjoined twins.
[epi- + G. gnathos, jaw]
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Therefore, considering the relation between epignathus and congenital heart diseases, the postnatal echocardiography was performed and it revealed mild atrial septal defect and mild tricuspid insufficiency [1].
INTRODUCTION: Epignathus is an extremely rare congenital oropharyngeal teratoma that commonly arises from the palate leading to a high mortality secondary to airway obstruction in the neonatal period.
Epignathus: a germ-cell tumour presenting as neonatal respiratory distress.
A diverse group of conditions is observed in the developmental anomalies of the nose, these include nasal dermoid, gliomas, encephalocoele, nasal clefts, proboscis lateralis, arrhinia, polyrrhinia, nasopharyngeal teratoma and epignathus.2 Encephaloceles and glial heterotropias (commonly called nasal gliomas) are related malformational tumour-like conditions usually affecting newborn and older infants.3 Prior to biopsy or resection, a congenital subcutaneous or submucosal mass in any of these locations must be carefully evaluated for the evidence of extension into the cranial cavity.
Fetus in fetu or giant epignathus protruding from the mouth.
Other terms--choristoma, hamartoma, heterotopia, epignathus, and dermoid--refer to separate, unique entities that are not covered here.
Three dimensional scanning augmented with color blood flow imaging cinched the diagnosis of epignathus. "We could see on the 3-D image that the tumor was arising from within the mouth and from the color mapping that it had no blood flow," he said.
Three-dimensional scanning augmented with color blood flow imaging cinched the diagnosis of epignathus.
Epignathus is a rare congenital orofacial teratoma.
Differential diagnosis includes teratomas, hemangiomas, cervical meningoceles, thyroglossal duct cysts, esophageal diverticula, dermoid cysts, brachial cleft cysts, epignathus, and congenital goiters.