lateral umbilical fold

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lat·er·al um·bil·i·cal fold

the ridge on the peritoneal surface of the anterior abdominal wall formed by the inferior epigastric vessels.
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Abdomen oval-elongate, widest at midpoint, with scutum covering entire dorsum; dorsum very dark brown with faint yellowish mottling, with lateral cream markings at half abdomen length; two pairs of sigilla present, first pair at a quarter abdomen length and second pair just behind cream markings; abdomen covered with short, straight white setae dorsally and fine black setae laterally; epigastric area sclerotised, ventral and inframamillary sclerites absent; venter with two paired lines of tiny sclerites running from epigastric fold to spinnerets.
115); ST I widely separated, spherical, at epigastric fold (Figs 114-116) spicula sp.
54); ST I close together, sometimes at epigastric fold, shape variable 20
20 Posterior section of spermathecae converging medially to epigastric fold; lateral ridges absent; ST II clearly separated (Fig.
--Posterior section of spermathecae diverging, ending broadly at epigastric fold (Fig.
Diagnosis: This species can be recognised by the bubble-shaped ST II and the ducts linking the spermathecae, which converge at a 45[degrees] angle to the epigastric fold (Fig.
Epigyne weakly sclerotised; ducts linking spermathecae at 45[degrees] angle to epigastric fold; extending into small triangular ST I; ST II large, globular (Fig.