epidural blood patch

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epidural blood patch (EBP)

a treatment for postdural puncture headache in which 15 to 20 mL of a patient's autologous blood is injected into the epidural space at or near the location of a dural puncture. The volume injected displaces cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the lumbar CSF space into the area surrounding the brain, often yielding immediate relief. When the blood clots, it seals the dural puncture, prohibiting further leakage of CSF from the subarachnoid space.


1. A small circumscribed area distinct from the surrounding surface in character and appearance.
2. A drug delivery system that enhances the uptake of a medicine through the skin.
3. Any substance or object used to repair a defect in the body. patchy (pach'e), adjective

blood patch

An injection of a patient's own blood over the dura to repair a cerebrospinal fluid leak that may be caused by a lumbar puncture, esp. one performed with a large-bore needle. It is used to treat post–lumbar puncture headache.
Synonym: epidural blood patch See: post–lumbar puncture headache

cotton-wool patch

, cotton-wool spot
A fluffy looking lesion in the nerve fiber layer caused by infarction; usually seen in hypertension, diabetes, collagen vascular disease, or AIDS.

electrical patch

An electrical device for delivering medications transdermally. The slight electric current used in electrical patches allows larger molecules to be transported through the skin. This technique differs from electrophoresis by the electrical current used, which increases the permeability of the skin.
Synonym: electroporation See: iontophoresis

epidural blood patch

Blood patch.

herald patch

A solitary oval patch of scaly skin that appears several days before the generalized rash of pityriasis rosea.

Hutchinson patch

See: Hutchinson, Sir Jonathan

mucous patch

A syphilitic eruption having an eroded, moist surface; usually on the mucous membrane of the mouth or external genitals, or on a surface subject to moisture and heat.

nicotine patch

A transdermal method of administering nicotine, used as an aid in quitting smoking.

Peyer patch

See: Peyer patch

salmon patch

An oval pale retinal hemorrhage seen in sickle cell disease. See: Hutchinson patch

smoker's patch

Leukoplakia of the oral mucosa.

white patch

A white, thickened area of oral mucosa that will not rub off and represents a benign hyperkeratosis.
See: leukoplakia
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