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Various types of cysts can occur in the clitoral region, including atheroma, dermoid cysts, dysontogenetic cysts, and epidermoid cysts (14).
This study included 18 benign testicular diseases, namely seven cases of testicular torsion, three cases of testicular infarction, two cases of traumatic hemorrhagic necrosis, two epidermoid cysts, two cases of acute mumps orchitis and three undescended testes.
However, choristomatous respiratory epithelial cysts, unlike the common dermoid and epidermoid cysts, tend to present later in life with a gradually progressive history over an extended period [3].
Suga K, Muramatsu K, Uchiyama T, Takano N, Shibahara T.Congenital epidermoid cyst arising in soft palate near uvula: a case report.
We found two cases in the literature describing epidermoid cysts in the midline of the perineum with extension to the true pelvis.
Jacobson, "Preputial epidermoid cyst: an atypical case of acquired pseudoclitoromegaly," Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, vol.
After two weeks of operation histo- pathological report received suggestive of benign epidermoid cyst lined by stratified squamous epithelium with keratinous debris without any infiltration of surrounding tissues.
Saornil, "Orbital intradiploic giant epidermoid cyst," Archives of Ophthalmology, vol.
The differential diagnosis of an upper eyelid mass in an adult includes chalazion, dermoid cyst, epidermoid cyst, papilloma, granuloma pyogenicum, nevus, hemangioma, sebaceous gland carcinoma, keratinous cyst of the meibomian gland and several other less frequent entities.
[11] 1994 7 Colloid cyst (7) Abdullah and 1995 3 Craniopharyngioma Caemaert [21] (3) Abdou and Cohen [3] 1998 13 Colloid cyst (13) Colloid cyst (7), Subependymoma (3), Gaab and 1998 19 low-grade Schroeder [12] astrocytoma (2), germinoma (1), pineal cyst (1), epidermoid cyst (1), hemangioma (1), cavernoma (1), CPP (1), ependymoma (1) King et al.
The main differential diagnosis includes other parasitic diseases involving CNS such as neurocysticercosis, where usually more numerous lesions are found, cerebral abscesses, which are surrounded by prominent oedema (as already mentioned previously), arachnoid cysts, and epidermoid cyst, with characteristic features described in the following.
The differential diagnosis includes dermal and subcutaneous masses (sebaceous cyst, epidermoid cyst, basal cell epithelioma, gaint cell tumor and neurofi-broma), calcified lesions (calcified epidermoid cyst, foreign body reactions or calcified hematomas).

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