epidermodysplasia verruciformis

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faulty development of the epidermis.
epidermodysplasia verrucifor´mis the widespread and persistent (sometimes lasting decades) dissemination of verruca plana associated with a tendency to malignant degeneration. It typically begins in early childhood with the development of flat-topped papules that increase in number and coalesce to form large plaques, especially on the knees, elbows, and trunk. Familial occurrence and mental retardation are often associated with the disorder.

ep·i·der·mo·dys·pla·si·a ver·ru·ci·for·'mis

a rare inherited disease with numerous flat warts on the hands and feet, in patients with inherited defects in cell-mediated immunity and increased susceptibility to human papillomavirus infections; skin carcinoma sometimes develops. There is a genetic component in the etiology, but the inheritance pattern is uncertain at present.
An extremely rare autosomal recessive [MIM 226400] hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of skin cancer, characterised by marked susceptibility to HPV (type 5, 8) infection, which in the normal population is asymptomatic, but in these patients gives rise to scaly maculopapular lesions of the hands and feet, which have been fancifully likened to tree bark

epi·der·mo·dys·pla·si·a ver·ru·ci·for·mis

(ep-i-dĕrmō-dis-plāzē-ă ver-ū-si-fōrmis)
Inherited disease with numerous flat warts on the hands and feet, in patients with inherited defects in cell-mediated immunity and increased susceptibility to human papillomavirus infections; skin carcinoma sometimes develops.

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Q. Has anyone ever had this problem? My grandfather is showing all the symptoms of bipolar disorder. My aunt is a nurse and she confirms that he is a bipolar. We can't tell him that he is sick and he will not stay in hospital. As far my knowledge, it will take years to get diagnosed for bipolar and I am worried about his health and he is making my family miserable. How can we get help him? Has anyone ever had this problem?

A. This is not as uncommon as you would think... You can not forse someone to admit they have a problem or to get treatment. What you can control is you and how you deal with him. You can set boundaries and your family can set boundaries. Sometimes it takes a mojor change to motivate them to seek the help they need. It is unfortunate and difficult to have to make these changes but sometimes it is what it takes. You can also try to talk to him when he is not experiencing an episode (be it mania or depression) Perhaps catching him on tape in a mania so you can show him how these episodes manifest and explain to him the ways that it makes you and your family feel. Try to be understanding and compassionate with what he is going through and understand that what you are going through watching him in these states is only a fraction of what he is going through... Love and patience is so important but it is also important not to comprimise yourself in the process... I hope for all the bes

Q. will it ever go??? I have acne on my face for several months, and although I went to see a dermatologist and treat it, I still have these ugly pimples and zits on my face. I feel really ugly and sometimes I don't want to go to school, and just want to stat at my room not let anyone see me. Will it ever go away? What should I do?

A. Acne usually abates and disappears with time, but the chances for that depends on the specific type and features of the disease. If you still suffer from lesions despite treatment, you should consult your dermatologist and seek further help.

Q. Do any of you with FM have silicone breast implants, or have you ever had them? How about saline? My silicone implants expired on the surgeon's shelf before they went in my body. Both implants ruptured and disintegrated within 5 years of implantation. I was diagnosed with FM shortly after 2 surgeries to remove silicone goo. Just wondering if anyone else has made the connection. Thank you!

A. As far as I know several studies failed to prove there is a connection between rupture of breast implants and fibromyalgia, as did the FDA conclude. Indeed I heard about one study that found this connection, but it seemed like a very problematic one.

You can read about this subject here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_implants#Claims_of_systemic_illness_and_disease)

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