epidermic cell

ep·i·der·mic cell

one of the cells of the epidermis.
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In the leaves, the epidermic cell walls presented anticlinal walls with sinuous juxtaposition (Figure 2a, 2c, 2d, 2e), which can increase the contact surface among adjacent cells and hinder the tissue disruption (Carvalho and Pires, 2008).
The inflammatory exudation and necrosis were clear with epidermic cell regeneration.
The epidermic cells of the leaves are covered by a dense layer of epicuticular wax, threadlike in Festuca carpetana and forming shaped plates in Festuca indigesta Boiss.
The external water especially the rains once imbibed into the epidermic cells of seed, the a- amylase will be activated in the aleuronic layer and then the seeds will be germinated.
The possible reason the concentration of serum IL-6 in patients with HFRS increased at early stage is that, after the HFRS virus infects the body, it proliferates in immune cells, fibroblast cells, epidermic cells, and intercapillary cells.
They can be synthesized by all plant organs (flowers, buds, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark, herbs, wood, fruits and root) and therefore extracted from these parts, where they are stored in secretory cells, cavities, canals, epidermic cells orglandular trichomes (Rubiolo et al., 2010).
Epidermic cells of Nelumbo nucifera aertn were multilayer.
Through anatomical observations, swollen epidermic cells were found when the explants were cultured on MS medium with BAP (Figure 1C), with subsequent nodule formation and direct regeneration from adventitious shoots (Figure 1D).
Inner wall of epidermic cells are thin; parenchyma composed of polyhedral cells; collateral bundles with a set of sclerenchyma fibers are located at the periphery, each collateral bundle includes two lateral strands of phloem, a central bundle composed of small strands of phloem surrounded with phloematic fibers, a large vessel of metaxylem, several small vessels of protoxylem and xylematic parenchyma.
Stalk cells are immersed in an inferior level of the epidermic cells (fig.9).
The lower epidermis with little cells showed a thick, smooth cuticle and stomata located at the same level as the epidermic cells. There were abundant unicellular trichomes (Fig.