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, epidermatic (ep'i-dĕr'măl, -der-mat'ik),
Relating to the epidermis.
Synonym(s): epidermic
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, epidermatic (ep'i-dĕr'măl, -mat'ik)
Relating to the epidermis.
Synonym(s): epidermic.
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Referring to the thin outermost layer of the skin, itself made up of several layers, that covers and protects the underlying dermis (skin).
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Patterns of epidermal ridges have a role in diagnosing and delineating certain syndromes of congenital malformation [2] as well as in establishing twin zygosity [3] in anthropologic surveys [4] and in population genetics.
Table 2 shows the descriptive statistics of epidermal ridges for male and female.
Epidermal ridge configurations in developmental defects, with particular reference to the ontogenetic factors which condition ridge direction, The American Journal of Anatomy (1926) 38(1):89-151.
In tented arch epidermal ridges overtop a triradius (Fig.
The pattern of dermal papillae determines the early development of the epidermal ridges. Early, in the fetal period, proliferation of the corium (dermis) forms papillary projections into the epidermis forming papillary ridges.
A study in the January 30 issue of Science helps crack the case of fingerprints' real job: Epidermal ridges, fingerprints' professional name, likely serve as filters to help in the efficient detection of fine textures.
The difference in the number of epidermal ridges between triradius A and triradius B of the right hand did not have statistical significance (p= 0.277; p > 0.05).
The study of epidermal ridges, patterns formed by them in palmar and plantar regions and flexion creases is known as dermatoglyphics.
Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of epidermal ridges and their configuration on palmar and plantar region.